Xuan Thoi Thuong Industrial and residential zones project

+ Location: This project consists prominent geographic advantage as it is located on main road across Asia, gateway to Ho Chi Minh City. Located at Xuan Thoi Thuong village – Hoc Mon District
+ Duration: From 2009 to 2017
+ Project area: 391 ha (300ha for industrial zone and 91ha for residence and supporting facilities)
+ Planned capital: VND 4.500 billions
+ Work on progress: Completed 1/2000 plan
+ Scope of project: Industrial infrastructure and supporting facilities
+ Expected to launch: on 2017

Xuan Thoi Son Residential project, Hoc Mon District

+ Location: Xuan Thoi Son village – Hoc Mon District – Ho Chi Minh City
+ Duration: From 2010 to 2013
+ Project area: 25 ha
+ Planned capital: VND 350 billions
+ Work on progres : Completed 1/2000 plan and cleared 3ha
+ Scope of project: Residential infrastructure and 10% of villas, abutting mansions
+ Expected to launch: on 2013

Huu Nghi 2 Cement Plant project.

On clinker market, DIC - INTRACO is proudly being the leading clinker distributor with high volume, high quality and sustainable product. Our advantages make us decide to co-operate with other partners to establish Huu Nghi 2 Cement Plant (chartered capital of VND 200 billions, in which 49% held by DIC - INTRACO) on an area of 25ha at Yen Mao village, Thanh Thuy District, Phu Tho province. The clinker productivity reaches 400.000 tons/year. With the high volume limestone and clay mines nearby, the plant will be fueled enough to produce clinker in about 100 years.


Concrete Light Weight Plant Investment Project

+ Location: Xuan Thoi Thuong Industrial Zone, Hoc Mon District
+ Productivity: 80 m3/ shift; 24.960 m3/year /; expected to reach 1,5 and double in the following years
+ Total capital: VND 17.358.015.600
+ Breakeven point: 2 years and 10 months.

Tuynel Brick Manufacturing Plant Project

+ Location: Tanh Linh District, Binh Thuan Province
+ Productivity: 40 mil units/year
+ Total capital: VND 40.002.500.000
+ Breakeven point: 5 years and 3 months.